At Corpus Christi we believe that music is a powerful and unique way for children to express themselves. It helps mould both culture past and present and allows children to be part of that. Music gives children the opportunity to listen, learn and create. Through our curriculum we encourage every single one of our children to become a musician themselves through composing and performing a wide of genres both vocally and using instruments (djembes, recorders, ukulele, and glockenspiel to name a few). At Corpus Christi, we support the children to be able to self and peer assess performances during lessons which are delivered by expert music teachers.

We aim to deliver engaging and exciting music lessons here at Corpus Christi. Throughout school we employ the services of specialist music teachers which allows our children to make rapid progress in music from a very early age. The pupils also have the opportunity to join a range of music extracurricular clubs.

Across school, we provide a range of exciting music opportunities. In Years 3 and 4 the children have the opportunity to learn how to play djembe drums which is delivered by two peripatetic teachers and year 5/6 and 6 pupils are learning how to play the melodica which is delivered by a specialist teacher. In Year 3, 4 we have a specialist choral teacher and a specialist music teacher delivers curriculum music to all other year groups.

Additionally, as part of our music curriculum, we ensure our children learn to become skilled performers by being involved in musical productions. Children in Reception and KS1 begin with performing Nativity productions, KS2 deliver carol concerts, Lower Key Stage 2 deliver Easter plays and Year 6 perform a final leavers production; each of these productions show a variety of musical talent across school. In line with this, we ensure our children are provided with a wide range of opportunities to partake in music outside of school such as being represented at local events by a range of our pupils; these include singing at the Town Hall with fifty other schools across Leeds to form a choir and at a Gala Concert held by the Diocese of Leeds at St Anne’s Cathedral and also children performing at an annual samba drumming music concert where pupils perform with pupils from across the city.



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