Year 4 Den making with Chris

Today, Year 4 were visited by Chris, the Den Man. Chris worked with the class to create their own grottos using sticks, zip ties, plastic covers, and pegs. Through fantastic teamwork, speaking and listening skills and turn taking, the class created 4 amazing grottos. To finish off, we toasted…

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Year 4 Science

As part of our Science Topic -Rocks, Soils and Fossils, we were given the opportunity to examine fossil artefacts from many years ago. These fossils were sent to us from the Leeds Discovery Museum. In this lesson, we discussed what each fossil was, how old it could be and where it was found. We…

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African Drumming

Year 4 have really enjoyed their weekly African drumming sessions this half term. 

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Year 4 Stone Age Trip To Murton Park!

Today, Year 4 visited Murton Park to learn about their History Topic – The Stone Age.

During our visit, we explored how humans lived during the Stone Age. Throughout the day, we discovered how Stone- Age people hunted using spears, grew their own crops by farming the land and produced bread by…

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