Year 1 Art- Van Gogh

Today the children in Year 1 learnt all about the famous artist Vincent Van Gogh. They spent sometime looking at his paintings and then Miss Kirk chose one for them to try recreate. She chose Starry Night. The children looked closely at his painting focusing on tints and shades and then…

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Year 1 Cooking- Healthy Snack

Today the children in Year 1 had a great time in their virtual cooking class with Mr D from Classroom Kitchens.

The children were able to practice two cutting methods, claw and bridge method to prepare their own healthy snack.

The children had a great time and loved trying the different…

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This morning we came into the classroom to discover the egg had HATCHED!!!!!
After looking at the CCTV footage with Mr Bradley, Miss Kirk discovered that a T-Rex had been in our classroom. It seems the egg had a T-Rex baby in it and it's mummy came looking for it after she left her egg at the…

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We found a DINOSAUR EGG!!!

What a morning we have had!! Mr Bradley came to us to tell us he had seen something outside and asked if we could investigate. We looked around at the back of school and there we found a huge egg and something that looked like a claw or a bone. We could not believe our eyes! After inspecting it we…

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Enjoying been back at school!

We are now in our second week back at school and all of the children have settled into their new school routines really well.

In writing we have been reading the book Here We Are by Oliver Jeffers. We have been thinking about and discussing the wonderful world we live in and today we spent time…

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